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Stay tuned as LFG gives a quick tutorial on how to fish a Bass jig. Comment below what tips and tricks you want to see next on the channel!

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  1. This channel started with super high production value and could have been a top 10 fishing channel but lost all its momentum and people stopped caring. Rip

  2. Bought my first 2 jigs today. No bites. Lost one. Had a frigging blast throwing em though and nothing was biting period so I didn't feel too bad. Plus I really just enjoy the act of casting amd reeling

  3. This might seem funny, but I didn't know that you typically keep bouncing off the bottom. I'll try that more next time.

  4. Great video! Fishing is with out a doubt a gateway drug for getting away from people. get pissed at work "Im going fishing with the guys" get pissed at the idot drivers "Im going fishing with my brother" get pissed at your brother "I dont care you are going fishing with me brother"

  5. I love fishing but I was always a worm and minnow guy with bobber or bottom casting. Wanted to fish some smaller lakes close by me to see if I can be lucky catching some bass. This video really helps on how to use a Jig. Thank you.

  6. Caught a 28 inch pike out of my local lake (some would call it a pond lol) using a half ounce swim jig with a kicking trailer. Just swimming it along, letting it get caught up in some grass and pop it out and bam, get hit. Another pike I caught doing the same thing wasn't very long, but it was a fat one. And then got a pretty decent one last night as well with a chatterbait that had a senko worm trailer.

  7. Great video I feel a little bit more confident now on fishing with Jake’s I’m going to pick up a pack of Google checks to see if it helps just to also support you guys and what you’re doing for the community I do have a question though what kind of microphone are you guys using for your audio quality is really clear in great

  8. Love your baits!! Just picked up a clutch, banger, blooper and 2 Poppin Filthy Frogs (I love poppers over walkers) today. Also got some hammer hooks (finally)!. Can't wait to try them out! Keep making these awesome products and videos! I'm a sold customer now and will be buying a muscle rod for froggin soon 😎🤙🏻

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