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How to Fish a Chatterbait – Bass Fishing

The Chatterbait is easily one of the best baits in bass fishing. It catches them when other bait struggle. In this video I go over some tips and tricks that I use when fishing a chatterbait.
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  1. Not that it matters, but I figured I would give some decent feedback which I normally do not do. What I really liked about this video and why I subbed was because you told us more information than most want to hear, personally I just came because I bought a $18 Jackhammer today and wanted to learn more about the proper way to fish it but you told us bait names, colors, water condition scenarios, and my FAVORITE part was you told us about rods I had no idea rods mattered so much when bass fishing I just thought people just went out bought a med heavy and fished all their baits with that one rod setup. I have caught quite a few bass like this but I wonder if using these techniques will enhance my fishing experience and make me do a whole lot more catching and a whole lot less fishing. I don't understand how some people go out and catch 20 30 40 bass a day when I will sit out there and be happy if I catch 2 or 3. I will give more feedback in the coming weeks gonna buy some more stuff hope to get a boat some day I really enjoy fishing and just want to continue getting better and have the opportunity to win my first tournament some day.

  2. Just want to say thanks a bunch bud. I've just recently gotten pretty heavy in to fishing. Your videos have helped me out a ton! Keep up the great work.

  3. Yeah….uh, no. I lost 9 lures last year and 6 of them were chatterbaits. I'm a retiree on a fixed income and I can't justify spending almost 20 bucks on a lure I am destined to just lose. I mean, if you can afford that kind of cost, I envy you.

    I fish the mini max and the original chatterbait by Z man and it works fine. I just make sure I don't get overly attached to them.

  4. Excellent video. Thanks for the tips. I will say the best day Ive ever had with a CB was without a trailer of any kind. Absolutely slayed them. That being said, I will try some of your trailer tips.

  5. Went to the river yesterday and caught 3 largemouth and 1 small mouth. The first two were on a Texas rigged Senko the third one was on a watermelon red Yum dinger and this blew my mind I caught the fourth fish on a wacky rig Senko. Thank you Gene for all the how-to's brother keep up the good work!!!

  6. I saw what you were doing on that channel we were fishing and you caught that 18”. I tried a chatter bait drifting the next day cause the wind was blowing pretty good but in the right direction. I had two good bites but missed them both. I wonder??🤔 I’m gonna try the pop pop pop method. Thanks for hanging with us Wednesday.

  7. My favorite chatterbaits is the project z because the blade never fails or stops like the original one. Just wish I could get a project z in a red claw don't think they exist. Thanks great video

  8. man ive tried to get this chatter bite going on lanier but i dont know what it is. i can catch em in just about any pond but lanier is a no go

  9. Popping grass loose from a soft plastic an lure when you pause an then pop aggressive bass will smash that lure hard. When you pause an put slack in line to pop lure loose hold on tight bass will hit garenteed 😃👍

  10. how about throwing a chatterbait on a 7ft medium heavy power, medium fast action style baitcasting setup with 30lb braid to a 15lb mono leader?

  11. Thanks Gene for the great info.. I love the chatterbait.. one of the things I love to throw.. so thank you again for the additional info and techniques on how to be successful with a CB

  12. The chatter bait is my confidence bait. Caught multiple 6 pounders on it. It has definitely increase the quality of the size of my fish. Looking to go bigger lol

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