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How to FIND FISH on a HUGE LAKE‼️ (Lake Eufaula, OK)

Lake Eufaula (OK) has 102,000 surface acres, over 600 miles of shoreline. Here’s some tips on what to look for as you breakdown a lake THIS BIG‼️


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  1. Great video and great fish! I just subscribed. I just started my Own You Tube fishing channel a couple of months ago (I'm in Tulsa) and really enjoy your videos! Keep up the good work!

  2. lol i love this lake i live right next to it and my brother lives in a neighbor hood right next to it and i fish it all the time ive caught a 8pound cat fish in it

  3. I fish that exact cove that you do all the time. The cove that has like 5 fingers is where I unload my boat. It’s crazy to see someone fish the same places I do on YouTube

  4. When my dad drove past this lake, it felt small when we drove by it in 5 minutes. I was mind blown when I saw that it is not invisible when compared to lake Michigan.

  5. To bad you didn't get to do some exploring on Eufaula. If you leave where you were camping at and go towards the dam there's alot of 5 plus pounds smallmouth in those areas. The cove you were talking about wanting to fish but didn't have the time is alot better cove and it has a free boat ramp in it.

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