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How To: Fillet a Bass Like a Pro – Boneless Bass No Gutting – Step by Step

I demonstrate how to fillet a bass like a pro with no gutting the bass. Step by Step instructions for boneless bass fillets.

My Jigging Setup
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My Cranking Setup
*Rod Info – ( mine is 7′ )
*Reel Info –
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My Spinnerbait Setup
*Rod Info – ( mine is 7’6″ )
*Reel Info –
*Line Info –

My Top Water Setup
*Rod – (mine is 7′ one piece)
*Reel –
*Line –

My Boat Setup
*Tracker Grizzley 2072 CC
*Trolling Motor –
*Seats –

*Camera –
*Wind Mic –
*GoPro 4 Silver-
*GoPro 6 Black –
*GoPro Accessories –
*Carrying Case –
*Editing Software –
*Music By – iMovie free music

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  1. Thanks man, needed a refresher after not going fishing in over 10 years, closer to 15. Headed back to the old lake in a few days.
    Lake caught bass, bluegill, and northern pike were our summer dinner up North as kids!

  2. Yeah I have watched this twice….I am a little rusty on cleaning fish but I have to say, this is probably the best one I have watched. Quality video, the music was appropriate and not overbearing like some, you are extremely intelligent and well spoken and I would have to say mature beyond your age. Dude you are alright…I subscribed. You will go far. Keep up the good work and seek excellence in all you do!

  3. Well that was confusing. I’m guessing this video is for people who already know how to filet a fish and are just curious how to do it on a bass. I was trying for the first time while watching this and it turned out awful. Talks way too fast, doesn't stop and actually show you in detail what he's doing. It would help if he zoomed in to show where he was cutting, I couldn't find the ribcage or spine and ended up with a significant amount of bones. Very disappointing.

  4. Even though I personally don’t eat meat, my dad and I really bonded over fishing when I was a kid! I loved this video and came to watch it because my dad is older now and has trouble filleting, so I thought I’d learn to help him 🙂 this helped a lot!
    Even if people have different views on fishing, trying to learn can go a long way to connecting with others and family! Thank you

  5. Thank you sir!!! Got one today that got the gills good. I don’t normally eat them either but if they’re gone, might as well eat. I appreciate the cleaning tips. It was deli shoes

  6. Why do people get so upset for not releasing the fish back I honestly see nothing wrong with keeping them to eat I kinda see it the same as when someone hunts and keeps the meat to eat

  7. I’ve filleted bass once and it wasn’t very good so I’m watching this to get better, my pond has too many bass in it so I have to remove some so I didn’t want them to go to waste so y not eat them

  8. I haven't fished in years and will be going next month or two when the weather cools down by the lakes, thanks for the reminder on how to filet those delicious fishies!

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