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How To Catch Bass With Plastic Worms! **INSANE UNDERWATER FOOTAGE**

Want to become a better fisherman? There is no better way than to head underwater and study bass behavior! Come along as Matt teaches how to get the most out of plastic worms while studying footage of actual bass eating a ned rig, dropshot, shaky head, and texas rig!

We learn a ton about bass behavior when we head underwater, but we also learn about the lures we’re using. From above, a ned rig doesn’t look like much but when it hits the bottom it comes to life, and its obvious bass can’t resist them! Did you see any stand out baits in today’s video? Perhaps it was the way that Smallie Smasher shakes at even the lightest touch on a dropshot, or the way the shaky head sways on its way to the bottom.

Below you’ll find links to some of our favorite baits from each category. We’ve included our best colors and rigging components for each. All the links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item.

-Savage Gear Ned Salamander:
Colors: Mojito, Green Pumpkin Purple Copper

-X-Zone Ned Zone:
Colors: 309, Green Pumpkin Purple

-Roboworm Ned Worm:
Colors: TW Black Blue Pumpkin, Desert Craw

Tungsten- Swagger Tackle Flanders Head (1/10th):
Lead- ZMan Ned LockZ HD (1/15th):

-Big Bite Smallie Smasher:
Colors: Grn Pumpkin Org Blk Purp Prl Bl, Smoke Purple Flake

-STH Crush Worm:
Colors: Bang, Green Pumpkin, Smokin Joe

-Roboworm 4.5″ Fat:
Colors: Hologram Shad, Baby Bluegill

-Owner Mosquito Light Hook (Size 2):
-Swagger Tackle Pencil Drop Shot Weight (3/16 oz):

-Netbait T-Mac:
Colors: Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Texas Craw

-Strike King Fat Baby Finesse:
Colors: Morning Dawn, Magic, TW Green Pumpkin

-Missile Baits Quiver 6.5:
Colors: Fishalicious, Bluetonium Green Pumpkin Core

-Dirty Jigs Shakey Head (1/4oz):

-Yamamoto 5″ Senko:
Colors: Green Pumpkin Blk Flk, Natural Shad

Wacky- Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap (1/0):
Texas- Gamakatsu EWG (3/0):

-Swagger Tungsten Vader (1/16th):

Rod- G Loomis NRX+ 822 DSR:
Reel- Shimano Twin Power 2500:
Line- Power Pro 8 lb Braid:
Leader- Sunline Super FC 5 lb:

Rod- Shimano Curado 7′ Light:
Reel- Shimano Vanford 2000:
Line- Power Pro 10 lb Braid:
Leader- Sunline Super FC 6 lb:

Rod- Shimano Intenza 7′ Medium:
Reel- Shimano Nasci FC 2500:
Line- Sunline Super FC 8 lb:

We have a variety of apparel items and custom lure designs available! Everything from hats, to hoodies, to crankbaits! Its all available direct through Tackle Warehouse with fast shipping. See it here…

TacticalBassin Apparel and Lure Designs:


Trolling Motor- Minn Kota Ultrex 112:
Electronics- Humminbird Solix 15:
Anchors- Minn Kota Talons:
Net- Frabill Conservation PLD 2612:
Camera- GoPro Hero 9:


Favorite Storage Box:
Favorite sunglasses:
Favorite Pliers:
Favorite life jacket:
Favorite Scale:
Favorite Lure Retriever:
Favorite Braid Cutters:
Favorite Split Ring Pliers:

If you plan to do any shopping, using our links before doing your shopping at Tackle Warehouse is the single greatest way to support us! You won’t be able to even see a difference but they’ll know you’re one of us!

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  1. Let it sit, might be the most important advice that nobody talks about. I just figured it out this evening, and coming down and leaving it be still makes a world of difference

  2. This has been an very informative video about the methods of using different plastics baits! I've just taken up fishing and I've watched a lot of videos from different people onhow to fish. However the underwater footage of how the baits are being used and how the fish react to them is mcu more educational .

    It all becomes clear now why fishing slowly and methodically is more successful.

  3. Weightless. 7.5"-12", 4/0, 5/0, 4/0+3/0 (respectively). Let it sink slow. Let it sit. Longer. Pop it up by barely shaking the rod tip. Let it sink. Let it sit. Wait. Longer. Watch your line on top of the water for twitches or line movement. Reel the slack SLOWLY, swipe to 2 o'clock (RH) or 10 o'clock (LH). Enjoy. Super slow, super productive.

  4. Been fishing plastic worms for 50 years. When other lutes don't produce I always return to plastic worms and I work them SLOWLY. I love the tap when a bass picks it up.

  5. I’m in northern Ohio (from the Cleveland area) and I took the yak out a week and a half ago. I caught 22 bass in just under 4 hours by throwing a weightless wacky rig. 5” yum dinger in a watermelon color. I was just pitching and flipping it up and around big matted grass beds. It was a hell of a lot of fun!

  6. its funny how the expensive stuff just cant hang with the simple and cheap wacky worm set up…sure there are more fun looking lures and dif techniques…but i always resort to wacky worm when nothing is biting.

  7. I’m completely shook by how much content you’ve made, there’s a completely immeasurable amount of content, would take me weeks just to count your videos 😳😳😳

  8. Matt I need your help sir, I’ve been in a very bad dry spell and have not caught a bass in months. The issue is I live in San Fernando. Valley ca we do not have lakes or ponds like you do. I’m questioning my ability do I know what I’m doing? I run a Slx Dc 7.5.1 or 7.1.1 with a Googan gold series go to rod 7 foot medium heavy fast I’m questioning if I quit or keep fishing do I know what I’m doing or are my lakes pressured please help I got the same gear you advertise in your videos and I’m tired of the skunk

  9. In places where fish are hitting topwater, I get good results with an unweighted texposed curly tail dragged across the top of the water, weeds, and whatever else is in the way…. or a straight tail and twitch it while retrieving. Also works when letting them sink. More natural movement when sinking and in shallow water it doesn't take too long to touch bottom. Of course only with spinning reels.

  10. Sir,I can say that your advice about slowing the action of the worm down, to just let it be still, is absolutely correct. This is something that I struggled with for a long time,a person thinks that you need to keep that action going but it's not true,it took me a long time to figure that out. It also applys to a lot of different lures and baits

  11. I love the ned rig but it gut hooks fish all the time and i hate killing fish i feel super bad everytime this has happened to where i will not fish the ned rig anymore people have told me to shave the barb on the hook but its jus the fact that it happens the gets me i set the hook pretty dam quik to and it still happens does any1 have any other advice to minimize gut hooking with the ned rig??? im all ears!!!

  12. Hey man, I'm a beginner fishermen and I was using the senko so wrong.. I used your method and now I'm catching 2-5 bass per hour, and caught the biggest one ive ever had!!!! I am beyond thankful for the knowledge man and now I'm gonna try the other ones!!!

  13. Great information. Worm fishing for Bass requires patience. It's not easy sometimes, especially if you fish a lot of spinner baits like I do. A top water hit on a spinner bait is great fun. But, I've caught some really quality Bass on a Texas rig worm

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