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How to Catch Bass When the Lake FLOODS! (Bass Fishing Pro Tip)

The bass are moving up to spawn. You’ve had the best practice ever. Then you look at the weather channel and see the worst thing ever. A massive storm is coming and dumps 5″ of rain on the lake, causing the lake to rise. And not just rise a little, but a couple of feet. In this video, I will teach you a few methods on how to adjust to those conditions and still have a good day of fishing. These tips have worked for me for years, and hopefully they wil work for YOU for years to come. If you haven’t yet, please SUBSCRIBE!

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Baits Used:
3.75″ Rage Swimmer

Tour Grade Spinnerbait

Popping Perch

Magnum Rage Bug

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  1. 5/13/21 … searching for "how to fish flooded lakes" and found this one! You're becoming one of my favorites to watch; great lessons! This will hopefully come in handy today as I head out early afternoon to a local lake 5 foot over pool AND then to Rayburn in two days which is likely to be at least 5 ft over at that time! Appreciate the help!! (And I'm not averse to some Rayburn advise if you feel so inclined! lol!)

  2. I've got a question about how you approach the same conditions but much more severe. I fished CEnter Hill today and the water had come up over 20 feet. I fished for 5 hours and had one bite. The problem was you couldn't get to the bank in many spots at all. I didn't get bit when I could get to the bank. So you are left with backing out and fishing outside the trees in 30+ feet or throwing a spinnerbait in trees and tree tops in 20-25 feet of water. I also tried throwing a jerkbait just on the outer edges of the tree lines. Water was still 4-6 feet of visibility unless you got to the backs of pockets and creeks and you still had 2-4 feet of visibility. I did try a frog in about a dozen debris mats with no blowups. Can you give me some advice?

  3. Glad to see you back on YouTube putting out some good tips. Never heard of a Popping Perch. I do use a lot of frogs on the various lakes I fish in Florida. Do you bend the hooks out a little on the Popping Perch or fish it straight out of the package?

  4. I had an experience on Kentucky Lake. We found bass on flooded lawns in a park. We caught them on hollow body swim baits using belly-weighted hooks. The swimbaits were the new (back in the day) hollow bodies from Berkeley.

  5. Not sure anyone throws a slugo anymore but we used to wack em back in the day up in the bushes at lake Jordan NC,my personal best will be tough to get at 10.7,but we gunna darn sure try,great video Andrew,and I absolutely love a spinnerbait in the bushes gun way to catch them cause it usually a visual deal,good stuff👊

  6. I needed this before last weekend Lanier was shot and I choked in the skeeter challenge. Super humbling especially since I marked an 8 and 2 over 5 and a couple 3-4’s Thursday and dumped Friday making most the lake chocolate milk and I did not adapt.

  7. Norris lake has risen 18ft in 5 days. Was hammering both smallmouth and largemouth. Biggons, now can't find 1. Heading out to try your suggestions now. Thanks for another awesome video

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