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Houston’s Biggest Fishing Secret!!!

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Four years ago I threw a line into a random bayou running through the heart of Houston and ended up discovering the city’s best kept fishing secret: these inner city bayous are absolutely loaded with all kinds of fish!

Seriously, the vast majority of the city’s four million inhabitants have no idea that underneath all the concrete, steel, and glass are fish.

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  1. Carp are the best fighters considered the size of the fish on sweet water… The most fished kind in europe… The comon carp you catched (12.35) was a bit skinny, if has fat he would have had a lot of weight. I gonna learn you a trick, if you want the fish comme up just stike youre line deep down in the water, he will feel you want to putting him donw so he will do the oposite and comming up…. No thanks

  2. Hey man. Great job with the Carp fishing. I just moved to Texas and I quite don’t know that much about carp spots. By any chance can you tell me where is that spot located at? I really wanna try it. Thank you

  3. Oh most know the bayous are jam packed with fish. Monsters because no is eating the fish out of those bayous lol.

    We're bot quite Florida, they have peacock bass in their drainage ditches!

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