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I Caught The Biggest Bass In This Florida Retention Pond?| Best Colors For Spring Bank Fishing

Bank fishing Florida ponds and lakes year round! Showing the latest seasonal(spring,summer,fall,winter) tactics, techniques, and how to’s to help you catch more bass! If you like to see topwater bass fishing, big fish catching action, and the lures we use to catch more and bigger fish from the bank then we got you covered. My goal is to help you catch more and bigger fish. I will share some of the reels, rods, line, and lures along with some tips and tricks on how to catch more bass so you can improve your techniques so you can catch more and bigger bass on your home lakes and ponds rather its fishing from the bank or the boat.

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  1. Your videos are exactly what I've been looking for. We do 100% bank fishing up here in N. FL. but we've been a little lost trying to catch bass. You did a great job explaining not only what bait to use, but how to use it which is invaluable. Thanks again!

  2. Bro I have this crazy ass pond that has hydrilla all around the edges and there's one 8lber that's the only fish I can get to bite!! She's awesome but I know there's more. Also she never bites the same bait twice.

  3. I like the mustad ewg triple grips for replacements. I buy 6th sense quakes and Bill Lewis Rattle Traps though. Both of which have really good stock ewg hooks

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