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Headwaters Lake, Fellsmere Kayak Launch. Kayak Bass fishing best lake.

If you are Kayak Bass Fishing at Headwaters Lake, Fellsmere. This is where and how to launch your kayak. Headwaters Lake kayak bass fishing is the absolute best and many kayakers want to get there. This video provides directions to the kayak launch once you arrive at Headwaters Lake Fellsmere reservoir & Stick Marsh area, beginning at the Fellsmere Grade Road (aka Dirt Road) west of Babcock Street. There are two sites to launch a kayak at Headwaters Lake for bass fishing. The first is at the Headwaters Lake new boat ramp and the second is the kayak launch area in the northwest corner. In this video, I will cover the kayak launch site at the Headwaters Lake NW corner as it is the most popular and safer for beginner kayakers. I will be posting a future video launching a kayak from the Headwaters Lake boat ramp. If you do launch from the Headwaters Lake boat ramp, please proceed with caution as there is usually lots of boat traffic. Headwaters Lake (Fellsmere Reservoir), is the newest lake in Florida where you have a good chance at a PB kayak bass of your lifetime. Headwaters Lake provides great kayak bass fishing opportunities. Equally exciting is the viewing of many bird species and other wildlife like gators (lots of gators).
Headwaters Lake is located in Fellsmere, Indian River County, Florida. A short drive from Palm Bay, Melbourne, Sebastian, and Vero. Orlando is about a 90-minute drive. The area is managed jointly by the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) and St. Johns River Water Management District. Headwaters Lake is 10 000 acres of land previously used for agriculture that was transformed into a unique, fish-producing habitat for boaters and kayakers. Headwaters Lake is sure to provide you one amazing kayak bass fishing experience.

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  1. Id suggest parking at the Headwaters ramp and watch the boating activity before launching a small boat or a kayak.
    Especially during the busy season, the canal leading from the ramp area is no place for a kayak or small boat.

  2. Fished Fellsmere for 1st time last year but launched from boat ramp. Def busy place as you pointed out. Thanks for sharing the kayak launch. Wondered what was down that road, now I know. Tight lines

  3. Awesome video would love to learn more about fishing Headwaters with a kayak,please provide us with more kayak fishing information,thank you very much for the video!

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