Guys…Something VERY Disturbing Happened Yesterday At The BFL Tournament On Lake Of The Ozarks…

Randy talks about a disturbing event yesterday at the BFL tournament at lake of the Ozarks.. #bassfishing #bass #bassmaster #fishing #fishingdaily #fishingtrip #fishinglife #angler #catchandrelease #fish #lakeoftheozarks

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  1. Randy, I really respect your views. An additional aspect of conservation that I think is often overlooked is fish handling. Angling has, under normal circumstances, about a 20% mortality rate in bass. One study from Table Rock Lake resulted in a 100% mortality rate due to skin infections in released fish. After applying proper fish care, the mortality rate dropped to 10%, even after the bass were subjected to surgery to implant tracking devices. We cannot be boat flipping fish onto the carpet of the boat and letting them flop on the front deck. Look at the equipment european carp anglers use to keep their carp healthy, special mats, nets etc. Many of them carry disinfectants and medications to treat injuries to the fish prior to release. Yet we see professional anglers boat flipping fish onto carpet, tossing them back into the lake from 5-6 feet in the air, etc. These guys depend on these fish for their living, and they treat the fish like crap. You see professional anglers stepping on fish to unhook them. Slime on fish is an important part of their immune system. We need professional anglers at the top of the sport to lead the way on conservation efforts, and a big part of that is how we handle our fish. Basic things like always handling fish with wet hands, properly reviving fish prior to release etc. Why don't we see padded and wet mats inside these enourmous tournament boats for setting netted fish. I wish things like this would become an integral part of tournament fishing, as the professional anglers and tournament trails have the ability to influence a wide audience.

    Also, continous restocking will never produce the quality fisheries that natural reproduction can. Why are there bass tournaments during the spawn. That, at a minimum, should never be allowed by any fish and game department ever.

  2. Any tournament fisherman that competes during the spawn is just as responsible as the tournament directors. Y’all ruined bass fishing. Thanks. Other sports we honor those who came before us but with fishing I blame you old timers. You set us up for this . Sorry but the truth hurts. If we had the legends of fishing say bed fishing is wrong then people wouldn’t be doing it

  3. The government does not need to get involved. Conservationists get a little nuts as well so I think we need to self monitor. Regarding Tournament Fishing harming the fish we just need to quit fishing during the spawn or the MLF has it right catch-and-release. I read a study about fish re locating after they were caught and the thought that pulling fish off of her bed that she will go back to that bed is wrong according to the study most fish will stay within one mile from where they're released after the tournament. However, if you catch a fish off of bed get a length or weight however the tournament is structured and put her back she'll go back to her bed. So the Bass Pro Tour and the Bass Masters has to change the way they run their tournaments. And people have to treat their fish a little bit better especially with barotrauma.

  4. One tournament every other week on any given body of water. Limit participation to 80 boats. Outlaw electronics. Limit motor size to 40 hp. Reduce tournament bags to 2 fish. Our rivers and lakes aren't in existence to accommodate professional fishing events.

  5. It's been very tough here in my area. I get little bites here and there but they don't want to commit and I have only hooked a handful in half a year now. I've never had it this bad before.

  6. Fish and game across the country needs to limit how many local tournaments are permitted.
    Here in Az, there is a tournament damn near every weekend! Its gotten beyond ridiculous!
    Also, fish and game needs to increase the limit size or quite possibly, ban the harvesting of fish for awhile. Not forever, just for a period of time to allow regrowth.

  7. Fishing pressure is having a perceivable negative effect on fisheries. Tournament fishing is the primary offender… This problem will self-correct in time. Those who don't catch will eventually stop entering tournaments. As the lake declines so will the tournament entries. As the tournament entries decline the lake will recover 👍

  8. It's not just the big lakes. For us bank anglers I've noticed the ponds and creeks getting harder and harder to catch fish each year. If you don't get them during pre spawn good luck the rest of the year.

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