EVERYTHING In 2023 Is Getting Won With Livescope…That Ain’t Nothing To Be Proud Of…

Randy talks about the domination of livescope in 2023…#bassfishing #bass #bassmaster #fishing #livescope #fishingdaily #angler #catchandrelease #fish #fishinglife #fishingtrip

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  1. i had a minkota electric steer trolling motor and never got used to it. Now they have auto pilot and spot lock and gps and livescope. What a rig these guys have with sometimes 3 or 4 big screens! No I don't even bother with a depth finder and went back to a manual cable steer trolling motor.

  2. Using livescope is cheating to the max. When you try to argue against it, you get swarmed with pro fishermen with $200k boats saying why it isn't. LIVESCOPE IS NOT FISHING

  3. I recently read an article on wiredtofish about B.A.S.S. banning the Alabama-Rig. Here's what the article said…"Bassmaster Elite Series Rules Committee members believe the rig eliminates some of the skill that should be required in tournament competition at the highest level". So what B.A.S.S. is say is that Alabama-rig "eliminates some of the skill" but forward facing sonar doesn't, I'm having a hard time with that logic! I call BS…the only reason B.A.S.S. is allowing FFS is because of the sponsorship from the electronics companies…as always it's about the money!! If some no-name electronics company had the patent for the FFS technology and the big electronics companies didn't have access to that technology….It would be banned by now.

  4. To be clear, Randy is calling for a complete ban of private ownership of FFS. I do not support this at this time. Focus your battles instead on local and other low hanging fruit within your sport of professional bass fishing (“live”well tournaments, FFS use during tournaments, scheduling tournaments during the spawn, excessive tournaments, off-limits areas during tournaments, etc.). These things are under your immediate control right now, yet everyone acts like their hands are tied. Randy will be admired in my book when he stops talking about it and does something about it, like publicly boycotting a major tournament, which you can all do tomorrow. States like New York now have open catch and release seasons that precede what was once a firm season opening. And now we have the first major bass tournament preceding a regular season scheduled on Cayuga lake. This type of scheduling should be the first (low hanging fruit) to be rolled back if professional bass organizations can’t manage themselves in an ethical manner. Lead by example people. Start by releasing fish at the boat as there is RIGHT NOW abundant technology to allow this while having an exciting viewing experience.

  5. Boone and Crocket doesn't allow trail cam entries when they transmit an image of the animal in such a way as to enable the hunter to gain a "non fair chase" advantage in harvesting that animal. Live scope should be no exception!
    It is NOT fair chase.

  6. I could not stand all day and stare at a screen looking for fish. I believe it should be banned from any kind of freshwater tournament. I'd much rather spend my day chunking lures or baits at places that I believe should hold fish. The only thing allowed should be a basic depth finder along with a temperature guage. They are taking all the sport out of fishing and making it like a computerized game!!

  7. I have fished since the mid 70’s .I have skills I’ve learned back then without depth finders .and adding new technologies is just another skill .
    You have bs generalities and sound like a pain in the ass to be in the boat with all day .

  8. Randy I don't agree with everything you say but I fiah the BFL mountain division and dale hollow is only being won with livescope in 50 ft water which screws the coangler for one but you need 24 lbs to finish in the top 10. . Im just fishing my local tournaments from now on

  9. What your big issue with forward facing sonar. It’s advancements in the fishing industry. No different then gps with navionics mapping came out or shallow water anchors came out or spot lock technology in trolling motor and the list go on. I fish tournaments that most of the field has forward facing sonar. I don’t run it and I’m able to hold my own. I always do have a fancy boat. I run a 16 foot alumacraft with a 40 hp. I don’t sit there on Facebook live or YouTube and cry about sh*t. I love tournament fishing. I give it my all with what I have. Not worry about what everyone else have or how they won a tournament. Just need to congratulate them and move forward and stop been a tournament angler cry baby.

  10. I think FFS will get more of the younger generation on the water. This is the biggest to me because we have to get more of them involved in angling.
    The biggest winner of FFS will be the neuro/ortho surgeons and chiropractors who will be doing surgeries/realignments for all of the neck problems people will have after staring at the screen.

  11. I bet my grandpa had this same conversation and concern when 2d sonar was introduced. I'm sure some was convinced bass fishing would suffer. You made valid points I'm a crappie guy and it's next to impossible to keep up with out it so I see the concern but I think fish numbers will be fine

  12. Catching fish for money with zero electronics doesnt do anything to increase sustainability of fishing. I don’t care if they ban it or not just saying that’s not a valid argument

  13. Totally agree that Live Scope should be banned from tournaments! Also its making watching bass fishing on TV very boring. Much more exciting to watch an angler based on experience hunt for where the bass may be…..

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