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FLOODED CITY FISHING for BIG BASS is some of the funnest fishing ever. when we have urban floods, the fishing gets to be way more fun and all of the fish get more active!

I find some bass in this video, then end the video by catching a few MASSIVE pond fish!



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  1. My wife and I live really close to this pond. We have caught some real monsters during and after heavy rain. I really like catching those carp. We've seen Gar in that pond too. After hurricane Harvey, we caught a ton of fish. Yes, I've caught the same fish a few times. I like the catch and release. Wortham is a lot of fun.

  2. Every time I see someone throw nasty carp back into our waters, I write off the channel and refuse to watch anymore of their content. I understand you care about our wildlife, but carp are an invasive species. If you care so much then throw them on shore so our ACTUAL game fish don’t keep dying off. So sad… I kill EVERY SINGLE carp I catch. Turtles and birds will eat them. Not wasting, but helping our worthy species survive. Hate on me if you want. It’s the circle of life.

  3. Would you please ID the species of fish you catch? I know a cat fish, sturgeon, and most bass when I see it, but not much else. Though I heard you ID the carp at the end. Thank you.

  4. Bread fishing for grassies is so much fun! Caught one at 31 pounds a few days ago, the fight was really intense.

    Greetings from Germany and stay as you are!

  5. Why didn't you just cast out to the fish instead of walking through them??
    Never would know you could've scared away a trophy 🏆
    Just found you shows and so far I'm pleased, keep up the good work.
    New subscriber.

  6. First time viewer but this is just plain awesome to see!
    If you don't mind me asking, this looks like Houston area, and we had that crazy rain last week.
    I recently moved to the Houston area and I've been trying to find some ponds to fish. I'm close to Sheldon Lake but unfortunately, I don't have a boat..
    If you don't mind, could you please share some spots that you know that I could try out? This place looks so fun to fish!

  7. Ive been watching your videoes for a long time and they never get old. Happy for all your, deserved, success. Congrats on the 400k subs!!! 1mil before you know it.

  8. White peoples are weird at everything they 😂 it’s like he goes fishing and catches one throws it back wtf basically like rapping of somebody kid and taking them home after

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