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You’ll NEVER Rig a SWIMBAIT the Same After Watching This!! (Updated)

Hopefully with this update, you’ll never fish a swimbait the same after watching this! We go over 4 ways to rig and fish a swimbait using a Keitech Fat Impact – one of the best soft plastic lures for fishing right now.

Want to try some of these swimbait rigs?

Keitech Swimbait

Grab an MB subscription

Scottsboro Finesse Underspin

Megabass Okashira Jig

Z-Man Chatterbait Willowvibe

My Finesse setup:

KS II Spinning Rod

Daiwa Exceler Spinning Reel


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  1. Love those heads mikey , I used them this year in March with 3.8 Keitechs in upper gville below Nickajack dam and caught several spots over 3 and 2 smallies over 5 . Those hooks are sticky !!!! You need to head up towards the dam in March ! Some big smallmouth 👍🏻

  2. Mikey IMHO you are missing the boat if you don't try the "Pro Blue Red Pearl and Electric Shad" colors of the Keitech! Thank You! for all that you do for ALL OF US!

  3. I want to try one of the finesse under spin jig heads I typically fish for walleye pike and musky in my river but you can’t beat a jig and swim bait for the walleye and the under spin should attract strikes the river is pretty murky

  4. You are the coolest Tuber. Puzzeling because you drive boat in excess of 100k and use a $79. spinning reel? my average rod combo is over $1,000. some close to $1,500. to me the experience of casting and reeling high end equipment is as fun as actually catching a fish. Different strokes for different folks. thanks for the great swimbait lessons. my number 1 bait year round is a custom made underspin for 2.8 keitechs. been using for many many years. unfortunately, the gig is up companies now actually make them. you gave up the juice

  5. I am a true believe in the Keitech but I haven't been getting bit great with it so switched to a Spark Shad and am on an absolute monster bite, once the water drops below 50 I think I'll be switching back. Thanks for the tips and you are right it's just a fun way to consistently put fish in the boat!

  6. How do you rig that screw lock on a ball jig? I've only ever used screw locks on keel weighted EWGs. I'm such an amateur, lol.

  7. I'm a big fan of that Okashira screw head. Everything from crappie to bass, even walleye like them. Good stuff. I have a couple A-rigs, rigged up with Okashira's as well. It seems to set them apart on days when they're turned on to A-rigs, those O.S.H. seem to give you even more drawing power!

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