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Frog Fishing Tips for more and Bigger Bass

I discuss the tips and Techniques for better frog fishing for more and bigger bass! This ” how to” format really gives the ABC’s of frog fishing. Three types of frogs are shown along with the proper rod, reel , line and hook setting techniques!


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  1. I had no idea my trolling motor made noise when it’s running?? Or when setting the hook on a frog 🐸 you wanna pull Up.!! 🤤 I’ve been going the wrong way for the last 30 years.!!??! Just invaluable knowledge here. 🤭

  2. My interest in froggin is definitely not a love affair. Something i love to do and constantly try to do, but can't get better at. Missed more fish on a frog than I've caught my whole life probably. Thats speaks a lot for froggin, but also shows im stubborn and dumb. Lol

  3. Where do you get that frog. I drive a big truck through Moore Haven 5 or 6,days a week. There’s a good bait and tackle shop on Griffin Road in Davie. The owner took the time to teach me on how to use rubber worms. Black Grape seems to put them on the hook.
    I need to learn the frog thing.

  4. Anthony Caban
    0 seconds ago
    So, it seems to Me that People Who know what they are doing will all cut the skirts back a little bit and also bend the hooks out on their frogs. I don’t understand why the lure companies don’t just make their frogs this way instead of selling us something that needs to be modified first to work effectively??

  5. I love Roland such a no B.S. pro. Now, I've been fishing w/frog this way for many years and I've had people tell for many years that I have been fishing frogs all wrong and that big bass don't hang in that really thick brush. Oh, you better believe they do. what I just learned just now that seemed to be the problem was the damn hook. Roland explains here perfectly which I will do from now on is widen the hook so that it is barely touching. Most times when you buy them they a little bit squeezed in the body. I've lost many fish this way, because the hook didn't set. I would have to count to five and then set the hook really hard. Using my kayak i get back into some really heavy stuff and i think w/Roland's advice of a little hook/body separation I'll have a higher percentage. I will do this for Pike too. Roland you are the best and are one of the two pros I'll actually listen too.

  6. Pfffffft. I fish top waters with my same 10 ft med/light spinning rod I catch 20+ lb salmon and steelhead with in the fall winter spring and do damn good…
    YOU DONT "NEED" to go out and switch up and buy a ton of fancy gear to try out top water fishing for bass or pike , and you definitely dont need no 60lb braid like I see all these bass fisherman using yanking 6 lb bass 20 yards across OVER the water to the bank thru the air .. You dont need to rip the fishes face off with your hookset , i catch 25-30 lb salmon (which make a 6 lb bass feel like a minnow) on a 6 lb florocarben tippet in holes filled with heavy rocks and tree limbs , chances are if your not getting a good hookset your not waiting long enough after the fish strikes to set the hook, which is 99.9% of most peoples mistake when fishing a topwater

  7. How long generally before setting the hook? Fish can come from crazy angles or have debris in the way of the frog and maybe need time to really get it in their mouth properly for a hook to catch tissue.

  8. What can I say… another great video. I hope to meet you one day, I did see you from a distance at the 50th Bass Masters Classic. Would rather spend a day on the water with you. Thank you for sharing.

  9. You gave a lot of great info in this video. One thing you said is so true "these tips are invaluable." Thanks for sharing the knowledge you gained over your years of fishing. Now if I can retain half of what you share in your videos I know I will be a better fisherman. Thanks.

  10. Roland. So glad I found out you’re on YouTube. As a late 80’s kid, I grew up on you. I remember My pops (70) told me ever since I was a kid to pay attention whenever you talk as he’s always looked up to you too. We used to, and still do subscribe to in-fisherman just to get your exclusive scoop tips and tricks. Anytime you’re in Virginia and you’re near either of us, dinner and a free fishing trip is on us. We got a local private lake that’s roughly 100 acres that’s absolutely untouched and pristine. Next to a military base, only residents can access it and EPA is super strict on water quality levels. My PB (10.9) is from that lake that I caught using tips I learned from you man. You’d shit if you fished this place, you’d absolutely love it. Anyhoo, glad to see you on here man, it’s so cool. It’s like sitting with an old friend and teacher, I’m just absorbing as much as I possibly can. Stay safe brother!

  11. Hey Mr. Roland! I’m having an issue when I frog fish and when I use my devil’s horse lure (so basically when I fish top water). Two times now I have lost the entire lure to the fish on the hook set. I use 20 lb braid and tied a palomar knot. I hate this because I don’t want lures left in the fish’s mouth and harming them.

  12. A rainy day video on line and leaders would be cool. I’ve just started dabbling with leaders and I struggle with the leader to line knot hitting the guides (is that okay?) and proper leader length.

  13. I bought some frogs direct out of China and took them onto the water fishing. One caught my eye and looking intently at it I had the notion to kiss it and then it turned from a plastic frog popper into a beautiful Asian princess.

  14. I can't get enough of these videos. Roland I could only emagin how many people loved being in your class at school. You are a true teacher I've learned so much!!!! I'm sure you shoot just as good as you teach!!! Your casting is phenomenal!!!!

  15. Applied some of your tips this morning. I threw a popping frog and walked it past a weed point. A nice bass inhaled it and I nailed him with 50 lb Power Pro (didn't have any heavier). Got a good clean hookset in the top of the mouth. Thanks again. Fun stuff!

  16. Man I really want to try that buzz frog. Thanks for another great video. I remember you said at one time you were an algebra teacher. The way you do a great job of teaching, I sure could have used you as my algebra teacher cause I’m sure I would have passed it in college!

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