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Flipping & Pitching for Big BASS! (Pro Fishing Secrets EXPOSED!)

Flipping heavy cover is one of the exhilarating ways to catch a bass. You literally hook a fish with a short amount of line and the fight is unmatched. In this video I break down how to utilize flipping and pitching for big bass. And i truly tell you a few pro fishing secrets that I will undoubtably get some people mad at me. I really hope you find this video exciting and full of useful information. If you haven’t yet, hit that SUBSCRIBE button.

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Gear Used:
Rod 7’11” SuperDuty Speed Stick Heavy Action

Reel Team Lew’s Pro SP

Line Used 50lb

Hook 4/0 Owner Jungle Hook

Weight Used

Punch Bug

Rage Bug


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  1. Good tips Andrew. Flipping is one of my favorite techniques especially from the bank. The more I can absorb the better I can be. Bank flipping bass over tullies is the most exciting. Thanks

  2. I'm sorry if I missed something, been going thru stuff. I just assumed you were fishing bass, after your win. I actually planned to follow you in Knoxville. I just realized u weren't fishing the elites. I hate that but I'm sure you have a lot on the table.

  3. I was there that day and saw his truck in the parking lot. It was pretty neat to see a professional fisherman hanging out at Choke Canyon.
    Caught my PB that day as well on a Berkeley Max scent hog.

  4. Culprit incredicraw/incredislim/gambler bb cricket. you look like a shorter guy which I am. Is such a long rod comfortable? I can't find the right flipping stick being 5 foot 6.

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