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Fishing URBAN Canals For CRAZY Invasive Species (Kicked Out)

Today I went urban fishing in South Florida. From ponds, lakes, and canals Florida is filled with tons of waterways LOADED with fish. Today I targeted peacock bass, snakehead, and many more invasive species.

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  1. That was a small snakehead bro. Look up northerns snakeheads, the maryland record where i live just got broke, 21 pounds. I seen a 15 pounder 34 inches caught. Look up blackwater swamp on the eastern shore in Maryland. Take a kayak or boat and youll have a sick video

  2. I live in Maryland with northern snakehead and theyre by far the most fun fish to try to catch. Super smart fish too. Ive had one that remembered he bit my frog a month later. If they see u they wont eat. 3 years ago i caught my first and ive been addicted every since. I only bass fish during spring until it warms up and the snakehead get active. They actually hibernate in the winter in Maryland, like a reptile.

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