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Finesse Paddle Tail Swim Bait Tips | Tempt MORE BASS With This Technique!

Struggling to get bites this spring? Brandyn Stoker of @wisconsinwildman9430 has some tips for you to use with the Thunder Hawk Hybrid Diver from this month’s MONSTERBASS Bag. This lure is a small paddle tail plastic rigged to a special jig head. This bait is perfect for tempting bass in colder waters, but also works well when fished at a steady retrieve! Get out there and catch your PB!

To get yourself a box before they sell out, go to and use code SAVE10, to get $10 off!

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  1. Your stuff comes in a storage bag and not a box!!!!! I just may be scanning your site soon. A Motorhead shirt and now knowing your stuff comes in a storage bag. Hmmmm guess other mystery boxes are good too πŸ˜‰

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