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Fishing Shallow Cover with Megabass Sleeper Baits | A Big Bass Triple-Threat

I Break down how to use the newly expanded Sleeper line of baits from Megabass to catch big bass in shallow cover! These Sleeper baits make great beginner baits, and have also earned a place in the tackle boxes of many elite anglers.

So, what does it take to elevate the way YOU fish these baits and get bigger bites? Watch this video to learn key techniques that will help you catch more big bass!

Additionally, I will dive into the best rod and gear I have found for this technique that will save you the frustration of losing a big fish! The three baits in the Sleeper lineup provide perfect profiles for all fishing applications. These baits are versatile enough to get bit in all different situations, but by mastering the proper techniques for each bait and keying into the specific scenarios they excel in, you can have some truly magical days. As was the case on this day when I caught 5 Minnesota largemouth that weighed nearly 25 pounds! If that sounds like something you want to experience for yourself, check the product links below!

Dark Sleeper Link: (3/4 oz) Key Colors: Wakasagi, Hanahaze, Shiraou, and Dark Shad
Sleeper Gill Link: (3/4 oz) Key Colors: Sunshine Gill OB and Glitter Noike Gill
Sleeper Craw Link: Key Colors: Muddy Copper, Black Blue, Nima Ebi, and Midnight Craw
Rod of Choice: Megabass 7’5 Levante Braillist
Reel of Choice: Daiwa Tatula Elite P/F
Line of Choice: 40lb Braid

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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Fishing the Dark Sleeper
1:25 – Dark Sleeper Breakdown
2:13 – Fishing the Sleeper Gill
3:21 – Sleeper Gill Breakdown
3:41 – Fishing the Sleeper Craw
7:26 – Final Overview of each bait
8:59 – Gear Used in this Video
9:34 – Outro
Music by: Dyalla and Penguinmusic
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