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Fishing For $180,000 in a Big Bass ONLY Tournament! (I WON!!)

I entered a Big Bass Splash tournament with $180,000 in prizes and was lucky enough to catch a BIG!

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  1. What I would like to see more of is keeping it real than being a fake taking the true meaning of fishing away when it was pass down to the next generation kid's of the world 🌍 to keep the real meaning of fishing alive 🐟🎣, and the true meaning of fishing was to catch fish to feed your family and the community of people who need food to eat to feed them and their family!? So that fake magic trick box money and Hollywood sports have taking the true meaning out of everything in life and have created a lot of fake evil people in the world 🌍 when we all should be keeping it real by keeping the true meaning of fishing alive 🐟🎣 for the old school people who fish the waters 🌊 of the world 🌍 before our time????? Zarail aka Z.

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