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BIGGEST FISH I’VE EVER SEEN.. (State Record Tiger Trout)

This is definitely the craziest thing i’ve seen in all my years of fishing..

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  1. I never mind paying for all my fishing license. I always thought well they use the money to stock lakes and clean up areas. But here in Waco Texas they don’t do anything to make it better for people who fish.. Waco has no good bank fishing areas. I see them mow the Brazos River but all around the banks are 4 ft tall grass. I see so many towns have beautiful fishing areas assessable to the public.. You mainly have to have a boat to do any good fishing.

  2. 6:30. You answered the reason the reason you are not supposed to move fish from one body of water to another.

    10:07 Why would you think it's better to put it in the water?! It's a dead animal at that point. More contamination to the water. 🤔

  3. I don't think these fish died from the lake being drained, I think they were either poisoned or the lake went alkali or acidic.

  4. The lake being drained has absolutely nothing to do with the fish dying. You should call the department of fish and wildlife in your area, and ask em how those fish died. I wouldn't touch anything I caught out of that water. Probably contaminated. Or if it had been hotter than usual, and the water wasn't deep enough for the fish to find cool enough temps to survive, that could've killed them. Happened two years ago in my local river, after a record heat wave, that coincided with the draining of lake Roosevelt for hydroelectricity.

  5. let the game eat it, its a natural cycle, why toss it in? let the animals eat it.. the water was high it was dead and when it receded it left it on the bank… you just wasted it, no its not better to toss it in.. animals live off these, good grief dood you're in their kitchen not yours..

  6. More of the destruction that doesn’t need to happen, they have the technology to catch and relocate 95% of these fish that could have feed people, crazy people just don’t give a sh it

  7. There's no Oxygen in the water. If ya had the length and girth or a scale we might have an accurate guess. Nothing wrong with fish on the bank. A major source of nutrients for the riparian zone. That's how you get giant tree's in British Columbia.

  8. It sucks seeing giants like those washed up. Had an 18 lb brown get found on the shoreline around me about 12 years back, ya never know what’s swimming down there

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