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Fishing CA style Swimbaits on Lake Fork, Texas for Largemouth Bass

A day on the water with a BBD personal training session client, Justin on world famous Lake Fork in Texas. Justin wanted to learn how to apply the big bait/swimbait that he has only read about up to this day on his home waters. We go over some basic swimbait fishing fundamentals early in the session that results in his first swimbait bass that fell to the new generation Deps 250 glide bait. A great start to the day.

We then transitioned from fishing shallow cover to deeper water, utilizing Saltwater Bass techniques and lures (the warbaits jighead with a Pearl Swimbait) as a crossover tactic to target largemouth bass living in and around a sunken bridge. Good times with good people, another great day on the water…

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Reel – Shimano Conquest 400

Rod – Megabass Levante Leviathan

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  1. Just moved to Texas from SoCal (Long Beach) everybody looks at me weird cause I’m out deep looking for big fish when everyone else runs to the bank. Don’t get me wrong I love banging the bank power fishing too though. Gotta love Texas!

  2. The amount of time you put into your vids and editing is unreal dude! Love them! Thank you for sharing. Maybe one day ill get to fish with you down here in Austin!

  3. Great video…watching your videos has motivated me to dedicate more time to BIG swimbait fishing this year. It’s something I have always wanted to do more of but never made it a priority…this year is going to be the year I do.

  4. Great job Oliver, I love the videos man! Been following you since The Movement. The insight you’re providing is second to none and has without a doubt helped me to become a better fisherman. Caught a 7.5 on an 8” ayu Magdraft with 2 min left in a tournament last year. It was the most exciting fish catch of my life. Keep up the good work bud. If you’re ever back in Austin I’d love to get a session in.

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