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Fishing BIG Swimbaits for GIANT Lake El Salto BASS || Ep. 4

Our trip to famous Lake El Salto bass to coming to an end we’re still on a mission to find that GIANT bass we came here for. I put all the finesse baits away and picked up the big 6.8″ Keitech Fat Swing Impact and focused on getting that one bite. Stay tuned and see if it happens! TBJ


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  1. Not worth your time! How much money did y'all spend? To catch small! I have twenty lakes within ten minutes to forty minutes away that my Brothers and myself, have caught hundreds of monster Bass over 10lbs.-16+lbs. every time we go Fishing, and don't spend over twenty dollars, mostly on food. I guess it's according to where you live and what you know…

  2. Nice bass! Was a good day on the water! 👍
    Just found you, liked and joined. 😊
    Will be happy, if you would like to check us out and join our fishing channel too.
    Keep on catching big ones!

  3. I subbed. I'm so tired of googans squad bs videos about nothing every day. please don't start those click bait titles like (I've never seen this before). I like how you just put down what you were doing in the title.

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