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Fishing BIG BAITS For Summer Bass!!! (Bass Fishing Made Easy)

How to catch bass in the summer simple and easy! In this video, I show you a great bass fishing setup to catch summertime bass! I also share quite a few bass fishing tips and techniques along the way. This is great for beginner bass fisherman to! I hope you enjoy the video!


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  1. I caught a 6 pound monster black bass yesterday in a creek with a 2" shad lure on 4 pound test and a medium to light crappie pole at about 9:30am. That thing had my line buzzing but not too bad because it was about 50 degrees outside and coming off about a 30 degree night. The frost on the grass had just melted. If it had been summer time, I'd have caught hell trying to pull it in.

  2. My balls jump up into my damned throat every time you turn one of those eating sized bass loose. Breaks my damned heart Mr. Gene. Potty mouth Mike, San Antonio, Texas.

  3. Richard, I was wondering if you have ever fished down in little river canyon? Me my dad Jimmy always caught alot of good cats and bass back years ago before it was made into a federal park

  4. Awesome bass fishing that was 🔥 awesome video I know it takes a lot of effort too make videos every couple days as a kid I find it hard been doing it for 2 years now any way I just love this video I have too say it is one of your best!

  5. Great catch the Bass Richard . Me and my Dad are fishing then I catch the Pumpkinseed and Largemouth Bass both fish get caught the same fish hook with the minnow Pumpkinseed was about to eat minnow on my hook the Bass ambush Pumpkinseed I set the hook on both fish!

  6. Good evening folks!!!! and Gene. You recorded this 9/20 on 9/23 I caught 8 golden shiners off my dock on worms they have never been there before. I went out 9/24 and caught a personal best of 5 bass limit with 4lbs being the largest. Your techniques are fabulous and attention to detail amazing. As an example the shiners were taking the bait but I couldn't snag them. I opened up slightly a #8 hook like you showed crappie fishing and started catching them. Thanks for your advice, good living and humor. May God Bless you.

  7. As always. We love your show my wife our little 5 year old boy and I watch your show together. We all love to fish and like you say go fishing when you can. Because it's good for you. Hope all is well God bless.

  8. Richard , u r a fishing machine! Can you comment on the time that you allow the fish to take the bait. I don't know how long I should wait before setting the hook. I usually do it as soon as I get a bite. You do have a gift to catch fish. Love to watch you

  9. Be careful! YouTube is demonetizing hunting AND fishing videos without notice! Some liberal desk jockey in California has his panties in a wad about catch, clean, and cook footage. Just a heads-up.

  10. I was getting lucky with some bluegills yesterday and I had one eaten by a good largemouth right at my feet as I was about to land it, I caught me some little bitty ones to use as bait and caught a few decent largemouth. So much fun, and watching this is as entertaining as it gets.

    And Richard I apologize but I am not exactly sure what some of these kind folks are talking about but Lord knows I don’t have to because he already does, God bless you and your family in Jesus name ❤️

  11. So good to have you back Richard! I wish you, Mama Sue, and the rest of the family the best of wishes and good health. You are hand's down by far my favorite YouTuber to watch. I always look forward to seeing your new videos and if I'm ever down in the guntersville area I'll bring the shiners and take you fishing. Tight lines my friend!

  12. I’ve been fishing since I was younger but the last few years it’s really been my addictionI. I give credit where it’s do and YOU definitely need credit, you are one of the greatest to do this!! I’ve watched many of your videos and they are entertaining and informative at the same time. I’ve been adopting some of your techniques and it honestly have paid off.
    Your the G.O.A.T. “GREATEST OF ALL TIME”

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