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Fishing Alligator Infested Waters for GIANT BASS!

Fishing Alligator Infested Waters for GIANT BASS!

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We are a team of avid bass fishermen for over 20 years. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for contests and giveaways

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  1. Lame. Ive fished those areas, he is adding drama. Yes, be cautious (especially with small kids and pets), but they arent salt water crocs that don’t care if you are in a group on land. Gators are cautious as hell.

  2. Holy cow, i am really fascinated how you guys live door to door with such nice creatures. Here in germany we have not any dangerous animals at all. Maybe Seals, but there are rare to see. And slowly the wolves came back. People here are so hysteric even about little grass snakes. 😂

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