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Easy Fall Bass Fishing Pattern to Catch Fish All Day Long

In today’s video we have Jonny, Matt, and Randy go over how to fish a Squarebill crankbait in the fall in different regions of the country.


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Jonny’s Equipment
Denali Lithium Pro Magnum Cranking Rod:
Abu Garcia Max X Casting Reel:
Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon 14lb:
Strike King KVD 8.0 Magnum Squarebill:
Megabass Big-M 2.0:

Randy’s Equipment
Megabass Orochi Casting Rods:
Megabass S-Crank:
Megabass Super-Z Z1:

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  1. Excellent tips! Topics: fall/winter bass shore fishing, drop-shot technics, jerk bait technique demos, etc. This is a great mixed-format approach. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'd love to see all three of you meet up in the each of your preferred regions and fish together, discussing technique, etc. Otherwise, this new channel is a great concept. Looking forward to y'alls content.

  3. This evening 26 Sept I used Matt's Sweep Retrieve for the first time. I always used the stop and go, or simply burning it, or slow crawl. I hadn't had a bite yet this evening and when I used that sweeping retrieve it got crazy, I could hardly believe how effective it was. I'm 71 years old and I have 26 bass over eight pounds to my credit in my life, and I AM STILL LEARNING….THANKS GUYS

  4. central West Texas is a good region to cover, there are not many people covering these areas on youtube, Possum kingdom, oh ivie, hubbard creek and many more lakes in the area

  5. Good information. You asked for content suggestions. How about this: I have yet to see anyone cover in depth the different rod actions. For example, what is the difference between a light medium and a medium light? Fast versus moderate action? Etc. Yes, I know that this is basic, but I believe it would make a good one.

  6. I'm a fan of the content and the format. Keep them coming. I feel like I'm always in school and hungry for knowledge for a sport that I Love. Thank you!

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