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Early Summer Topwater #lakelanierfishing2023 #fishing

In this video we are at Lake Lanier in June and the topwater fishing is great! The fish have moved out to points and we target them with topwater poppers and have a blast! This pattern should continue throughout the summer. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on all of the upcoming fishing content!

music by Dana Smith

#bassfishing #fcpfishing #georgiafishing


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  1. Great video my friend. I haven't put anything in your videos but I've been watching them like always. I'm extremely busy here in Chicago but I would love to go down there and fish with you one day I've been talking to my son about moving down there. Keep bringing those videos

  2. Hey man i love your videos but i fish the north end of lainer to i go on sundays because i work all week by time i get out there you have done caught them all leave some for me please lol you do a great job thanks

  3. Do you go out with anyone from you tube ever. I have a boat but I am new to the boat fishing. I would love to pick your brain one day and I'll buy gas and lunch. Let me know if your interested I go on Lanier as well. No worries if not.

  4. I live in NC. We have gotten a LOT of rain this week. I'm wondering what that will do to the bite? I'm itching to try the jig and fluke on the spots in Lake Norman. Thanks for posting!!!

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