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Early Summer Bass Fishing – PICK YOUR POISON

In this video, I venture to a local Central Iowa lake with hopes of catching just a bunch of bass. My next tournament is not for a handful of weeks so what better to do than just beat up on some fish!

Water temperatures were in the mid 70’s and I was greeted with cloudy and breezy conditions. Honestly it seemed promising! I started on a flat that had some timber on it and caught 10 bass on the spinnerbait within a 40 yard stretch. I wanted to try some other structure, so I then transitioned to fishing rock. Rock islands and offshore rock piles both produced fish with a Rapala DT 6 and 8. Finally, I ventured into the weedy shallows and threw around a BOOYAH Pad Crasher Jr. After fishing slower than I traditionally do with a frog, I was able to hookup with quite a few bass.

All in all it was a very fun day of fishing. Even though I did not have any big bites, I still had a blast catching a load of 1.5 – 2.5 pounders!


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