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Early Post Spawn Fishing Tip: How to Catch Bass in Shallow Water with a Small Swimbait

Here’s the scenario: You’re at the lake and the fishing pressure has been horrible. The fish have been spawning for weeks and the baits you normally catch them on aren’t working. What do you do next? In this video I give a small swimbait tip that is killer for a few weeks following the main spawn phase. I hope this helps you catch more bass! Please SUBSCRIBE!

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Gear Used:

Rage Swimmer 3.25″ and 3.75″

3″ Shadalicious

Strike King Belly Blade (Both Sizes)

Strike King Tour Grade Fluorocarbon 15lb

Little Dipper (Fav. Color- Bad Sexy Shad)

Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Finesse Jig Rod

Lew’s Custom Lite 7.5:1


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