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Don’t Complicate Chatterbait Fishing – 2 EASY Combinations

You can get all the Chatterbait needs you have on my website
⭐️ Green Pump Chatterbait

⭐️white chatterbait

⭐️Chatterbait trailers

⭐️ swimbait trailers

⭐️creature baits


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  1. I see you reeling that fast before the bite, I still have never caught a bass on the chatter bait. I dont know if it's the trailer, the speed 😅😂

  2. Hey Bro. I caught my first bass today on your recommendation in this video. Brown chatterbait wit brown/green swim trailer. 2.57lb large mouth. Wish I could share the photos in this post. Thanks for the info.

  3. 9:32 fishing 101 here – never forget this for almost ALL techniques and situations. Can't tell you how many times slowing down has caught me a ton of fish. The irony being that ill be surrounded by people not catching, and I am catching over and over, so everyone speeds up thinking "man how is he getting so many fish so fast" and they get anxious and in a hurry.

    Slowwwwwwwwwww Downnnnnnnnnnnnn. When i fish a Jig, i spend about 2 full minutes on a single cast.

  4. Hahahaha I literally said oh man I like using a goat trailer, immediately before you said you don't get to use that 😂😂😂😂. Appreciate ya homie and good luck down here in Florida this weekend. Get emmmmmm💪💪💪💪

  5. Good Evening Mr. Brian Latimer, I really ENJOYED your Video's on Don't Complicate Chatterbait Fishing- 2 EASY Combinations, It HELPED me TREMENDIOUSLY in my upcomming purchase of a new rod and reel combo for Chatterbait Fishing. LOL! THANK YOU for ALL your EXPERT ADVISE and WISDOM my FRIEND you are TRUELY an ASSET to this Wonderful Sport! Sincerely, Mr. Carl J. Gwizdala.

  6. Okay Brain here it is I watched applied and caught a big one at a pond very cold 44 with wind. focused on controlled cast, a steady retrieve. Didn't care about trailer color just grabbed on and WOW Thanks

  7. Gunna try this and see if it changes my luck lol. Caught a few on chatterbaits and the biggest fish ive caught was on one, I think anyways lol. It slipped outta my hands before I could get it on a scale but easily my second biggest if not. I can't wait to move down south where I can actually get on the water this time of year to fish lol

  8. I’ve had luck fishing Jackhammers like a “sometimes a jig” bait. 🤷‍♂️ Early in the spring I just let it fall near where I think they are (I am a bank angler). I just let it fall close to drain pipes and such. I imagine the bass coming over to investigate…then give it a pop up (3-6 vibration) and sometimes I get that bite.

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