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Do BIG BASS Eat Snakes? – Bass Fishing With Snake Lure

YOOO! Whatup with it A-dubbers?! Got a new video for all of you today and its a BANGERRR! Today I am fishing a river / creek …


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  1. When I fish my snake lures, especially in deeper lakes, I like to pause it as if the snake is resting. The fish usually hit suddenly upon moving it forward. A slow retrieve tend to work best. You should try their other unique lures. Bat, mouse, bird…. bird is very noisy.

  2. Yea man I've seen people absolutely SLAAYYYY off this exact snake… all colors I've seen do awesome. Night or day any color people have pulled out numbers and fattys. It's a good ass lure! U prob learned by now cus this is an old video but I would say don't walk it… just give it a slow and steady retrieve. U don't really see snakes doing a walking motion lol

  3. Well bud I gotta tell you I’ve seen quite a few videos on the same lure and you’re the first person I seen make it happen. It was pretty cool to see you just one rod one lure and walking through that creek gettin it done. Super cool video. #BIgBassEnergy

  4. I’ve been watching a 4-5ft snake swim across my pond this fall. I even saw him at night while catfishing. I want to catch him for bait as he’s been eating all of our frogs!! He’s pretty w/ dark brown, light brown, and gray triangles. I’m going to try the snake bait as I’m sure it’s got some babies running around that bass may munch!! Thanks for a great video!! Just started subscribing!

  5. I bought a few of these. Took the copper colored one and painted the tail yellow to look like a baby copperhead. Not had any bits on it but haven't used it a lot.

  6. That was awesomeness at its finest.ive seem small snakes taking in the lakes where I fish before so I'm sure it's a great bait to pitch up into some rocks or fallen trees I became as fan of you young guns teaching a old dog new tricks keep them coming young man I'll keep watching actually watch some of your past tubes keep fishing

  7. Cool video man! I've been very curious if the fish would hit that lure. Not sure how it would work here in Michigan. Might have to give it a try! Congrats on almost 8k subs! Keep grinding! I'm working on my first 100 now lol

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