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Deadly Snakes for Bait Catch Monster Fish

It seems even venomous snakes have to keep an eye out for big, predatory fish! If you throw something dead into the water, eventually you might just hook a river monster!

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  1. I accidentally hooked a small perch when I was reeling my line in. And my luck was wildlife officer walked up just as I landed it. He first told me catching fish that way wasn't lawful. Then he died laughing when I looked at him and plead not guilty at least not intentionally. Then he said it was also illegal to use it for bait. That was in Arkansas.

  2. I’d be worried about venom splashing in my eye while casting. Or accidentally nicking myself with fangs, I do it with hooks all the time.

  3. Awesome video. Thank you for respecting our fish. Not many use barbless hooks despite being so much easier on the fish.

    Crazy that catfish ate that giant snake. That’s why is was so damn big. Huge belly. Hope he survived his bite. My guess was a smaller gator also.

    Never seen the feeding them so much line technique.

  4. Tired of these "Conservationist" claiming to be a ethical outdoorsman.

    All your doing is encouraging others to disrespect wildlife simply because snakes are "non valuable" they ain't your damn fishing bait.
    use bait fish

    It's extremely sad seeing fisherman and hunters that ain't true through and through

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