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Bass Fishing with a World Series MVP?!! (He’s a HAMMER)

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  1. Ben I have a question. I fish the BFL as a co-angler and I need a crankbait/ jerk bait combo to limit the number of rods I take on a tournament. Please advise.

  2. Just saw you on a tv commercial 🎉. Good for you 👍. I hope I'm right about this. I watch some of your painting videos, and I really like them.

  3. Man I got idea know had done in years try fishing with live shinners see how good they work back in the day that was the go to bait but no with all the baits out there u don't see no shinners being used

  4. Well folks he’s made it big so now we shall be ready for his fishing channel to go to crap . Ant posted a video in 10 days… dang it!!! I go to his channel everyday to see a new video… hurry UP BEN!!! We can’t wait any longer

  5. I just came here to say I just saw the Orkin commercial ! 🤘 Dude congrats, and really enjoy seeing you shine since you decided to bet on yourself and go for the dream. Major props bro, hope it all keeps going great. Come up to Michigan again to hammer those smallies 😎

  6. Hey dude congratulations on the win, went out and bought 2 more draws to help support you, you’re rods are still out of stock dude , I want to buy a couple man get them back in stock

  7. Love the new Orkin Comercial. I think you need to call them back for a follow up Comercial. Here is the follow up! You are testing baits in your swimming pool your wife comes out and says honey I think we have pests! You say call a pro she says you are a pro and you say no an Orkin Pro! Done $$$

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