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Day 02 Lopez Lake CA Late May Early June 2023 Bass Fishing | JangoMike Trout & Bass w Mini-Tour Gig

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Hey Everyone! Day 02 / Part 02 of my Three Part series featuring a Road Trip to Lopez Lake CA near San Luis Obispo and Pismo beach to not only fish for a few days, but also book a show at a local spot and perform my Solo Acoustic Act …. is HERE

Today, I brought out my Uncle Nick to Fish with me. Uncle Nick is more of a Bad Ass Hunter, Avid Outdoorsman and usually hes more of a Trophy Fishing kinda guy, so i had to drag him out and spend some time chasing little Bass and Trout with me. I was hoping to put him on some great Bass because the day before (Episode HERE: ) I was able catch quite a bit….but he said he was more interested in Trout Fishing….I didnt think there would be ANY trout because well, the water was very warm for Trout 71°degrees AND i did not see any signs of them the day before….well it turns out, i dont know anything because we mostly caught trout! They made for a great dinner that night thats for sure! We did manage to get 2 small Bass and a Small Mouth Bass. Thats my first smallie in a few years so im pretty stoked!

Previous Episode from LAST YEAR featuring Uncle Nick Bass Fishing Lake Perris:

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Thank you @phenixtackle for thr gear that I used quite a bit in this trip!

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  1. Nice catches mike. Yea that is odd landing all those trout with bass rigs. I’ll take trout anytime too. Ha If your uncle only had his hunting gear that bear would gone home aswell lol 😂. Great video overall like the music performance and fishing on the same video 👍🎣🎸🤙

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