Catching $50,000 worth of Fish in a Tournament (Never Been Done Like THIS)

Day 2 of the Bassmaster Open at Toledo Bend was EPIC. To my knowledge, this is the biggest limit of bass caught with a big swimbait in a high level tournament. Just incredible.

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  1. Ben you are such a inspirational man to all bass fisherman and I know Im gonna get whacked for this but the young ones watching you are absorbing everything about you as well as the language ,just saying being of the greatness you have I would think that you would want to be a less language oriented ambassador to this great sport . I know that is who you are just saying ,don't get upset with me I'm just a old fart but these days I think kids need good influence and you have the best vids and show that your here to stay and I'm sure tom win the bas master classic. I'm a huge fan myself just giving a opinion that's all

  2. So glad you're doing this shit man. You come a long ways since I began watching you ( you were rocking a lews custom speed spool). You put in the work. Time for the rewards brother. Congrats. Get em MFer.

  3. Nice work bro, watched you over years, love all the videos and efforts making us understand more about fishing patterns. And congrats automatically entering bassmaster elite event , go get them. From an Asian fan!

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