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Catching lots of Redfish on a Bass Swimbait and how to rig and use it

Great Day on Reds in really shallow water.
Lure – 5 inch Havoc Grass Pig
Reel – Daiwa Tatula Type R XS
Rod – Duckett 7′ 6″ Med Hvy
Hook – 5/0 Owner Twist – Lock


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  1. I know this is an old thread, but wanted to mention something I have tried. I like the 5" Havoc as well, and have added an underspin to it. It gives it some flash and a buzz under water, which seems to help when the fish are lethargic. I'll even flutter fish it from time to time or bounce it off the bottom.

  2. Hey Mister Ross, great video. Always enjoy watching you fish. Went out fishing Yesterday  01/21/17, Took the Havoc baits you suggested in this video and had a great day. Caught Reds, Trout, And Flounder. Thanks

  3. Yum money minnows in clear and light colors work great and redfish love em too. My personal best red was on a money minnow. The Yum minnows are more expensive than these Havok swim baits though. Thank you for the tip RedfishRoss!

  4. Love your videos so I subscribed a couple weeks ago. I'm getting my first fishing boat next week. A used 2014 SeaArk 1648 with Yamaha F40, riptide trolling motor, poling platform and pole. Pretty excited. I'll be fishing out of Rockport mainly with occasional trips to Arroyo City. Can't wait!

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