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Catching Largemouth Bass using the Neko Rig

In this video, Lucky Tackle Box’s own Travis Moran, breaks down everything you need to know about one of the hottest finesse techniques, the Neko Rig! Using the Smart Baits Smart Bomb stick bait, Travis shows how the Neko Rig is a perfect option for late-winter and early spring fishing. To make sure you’re set up right, he’ll show you how to rig it, retrieve it and where to fish it.

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  1. For 2019 I would love to see more women fishing I love watching them fish in specially when they're in their bikinis that's beside the point need more women fishing Bob Elkhart Indiana

  2. This is the most comprehensive and informative video I've seen on this rig. Fantastic job everyone involved in making it. You earned a new sub right here

  3. I love the LTB vids, and monthly box. They have helped a lot learn this new style of fishing for me. I'm hooking for fish on each trip with different techniques. I love it,,, thank you all at LTB.

  4. Your videos are fantastic. Great information, well organized, and professionally produced! You EARNED a subscriber in me. 🖖

  5. Thank you, Travis! I am new to LTB! I love your videos very much and they are so helpful! I have an Old Town Predator XL with the Minn Kota. Looking forward to fishing with it with my LTB. I would just love to see videos where you fish using a kayak? Thank you again for your videos!

  6. Just received the tournament series box and all I can say is WOW! I highly recommend this box to anyone it is well worth the $46! I received more than double of what I paid. Please get it if you can

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