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Catching BIG bass in the middle of the DESERT on GIANT swimbaits! (PART 1)

Hope you guys enjoy PART 1 of my journey through the desert!! Tons more in PART 2! If you guys have any comments, questions or concerns PLEASE leave them below! I am new to film making/ editing and take all of your tips and tricks into great consideration!! #bassfishing #viral #texas #desert #crystalclearwater


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  1. First time seeing your videos and subscribed i just moved to a ranch outside of Brackettville not too far from del rio where i was born,anyway love the videos keep it up maybe ill see ya around some day 🤙

  2. What are some your ways of storing big swim baits? I have a few but wanting to get more into it and would like some recommendations or ideas on boxes?

  3. I remember talking to my dad not too long ago about “what happened to that swimbait kid” not long later you pop back up on the scene… good vid man, not too many actual real swimbaiters on yt today, I’ll definitely stick around for some more vids!

  4. I remember years ago seeing you with Chris Bulaw, Scott Martin, Jon B, etc. and thinking, this kid needs to make swim bait fishing videos. Today (4/4/22) I found this video and subscribed, and you are currently at 6.9k subscribers. It will be interesting to see how fast your channel grows. Enjoy the ride!

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