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Catching BIG BASS in Neighborhood Ponds

Yo ADUBGANG! Today we are out doing some neighborhood pond hopping for some big bass! These neighborhood ponds are LOADED with huge bass and I caught a nice giant bass! This bass fishing spot is one of my secret fishing spots and it was so much fun going pond bass fishing for these trophy bass!



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I hope you enjoy today’s episode, GO CATCH SOME MONSTER BASS!

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  1. No offense meant but your fish handling skills are pretty rough buddy if you want those fish to live you can't keep them out of the water that long and let them flop around on the bank

  2. I cant tell you this sooner but. Everytime I see one of your videos I never have clicked so fast! Keep up the good work and keep catching them big fish!

  3. I bet if you had more tackle with you ADub you would have slammed them. They were there but didn’t seem to want moving bait. A black and blue jig or beaver style bait might have been the ticket. Who knows. Love your videos though.

  4. ADUB. Those were 2 great tips!!!! Sometimes slow down. Try from a different angle!!! Such common sense but when we ‘get on the hunt’ we sometimes forget. Thanks for that and the vid. Sorry you were having a tough day 👊🏼👊🏼

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