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Topwater Devils Horse for Big Bass

I explain the ABC’s of Devils Horse fishing! The right area, water and cover conditions and the right retrieve are all covered. Back up senko just in case of a missed fish. Fishing from my canoe makes for a challenging day but proves very effective because it’s so stealthy and quiet!


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  1. I saw this video when it first aired and bought me a couple of 4 or 5. I haven't fished them yet Roland l have been under the weather.i had a little walking pneumonia and nerve problems in my right leg thanks to agent orange. They said my heart attack was caused by the same. I may have to get a up walker jus y to fish!
    I lonve your instructional videos, man they teached me a great amount even though i been fishing all my life. Thamk you Sir.

  2. 1:48 Cameraman why are we filming Roland’s back and far left, Pan right so we can see him his rod and the lure strikes. We don’t need to see the bank when he’s not even throwing that way
    And again 9:04 you did it again totally missed what could have been beautiful strike footage but nope to busy filming his back shirt
    14:27 should I keep telling you

  3. I grew up fishing in Minnesota in the spring and Florida in the summer/fall every year with my snowbird grandparents. Our lures of choice were the Jelly Worm and Flatfish up north, then topwater lures and Jelly Worms down south. My retirement plan involves fishing and grandkids of my own and you'd better believe that I bought a half dozen Devils Horse lures to get me started!

  4. Great video. But I would like to see you post the links to the equipment you are using. Once I've seen the video, I don't have the data for reference later.

  5. Rolland sir, i know you need help- just like the rest of us fishing addicts,
    i think'n about start'n group called fish-o- holic anonymous, we can all meet at the bass pro shop or cabela's sporting goods or just the local bait shop, so we can all get well.. LMAO

  6. My wife caught a small bass yesterday and it somehow swollowed the hook way down. In trying to get it out the poor fishes edges of his mouth came apart. We finally just got the worm out and left the hook in and tried to get him back going again in the water for about ten minutes.. We all got sad when he was no longer moving his fins. We didn't mean to kill it….

  7. Great video! Now, what the heck was the name of that top water propeller hard bait? Just kidding. Thank you Sir for the lesson. Like going to school. 2 thumbs up.

  8. RM: "Watch this,…. watch this…. watch this…" Years of fishing and the excitement never fades. I smiled the entire video.

  9. I’ve been watching you sir for the better part of 2 years. It never stops amazing me how your true enjoyment and fun comes thru in these videos! I know you use to guide on the Santee Cooper water system. I live in Summerville, SC and fish Moultrie, Marion, and the Cooper river. If I won a Make A Wish , my wish would be to fish with you on Santee Cooper. I’m new to Bass fishing ( 1 yr ) and new to tournament fishing in these parts. Kinda tired of not knowing where to go all the time!! Anyhow I love your videos sir and you are a true legend! Brian from SC

  10. I'm thinking about how much money I'd be willing to spend to be the second guy in that canoe…holding a fishing rod not a camera. Roland you're the best… thank you so much for making these videos

  11. Roland I live in the Pacific Northwest and am trying to bank fish for bass but am having trouble finding the fish. What would you suggest for bait to try and what technique should I use?

  12. GREAT VIDEO!!! This video teaches us how to use Devils Horses. I think you are using 1/2oz in this great video. I have both of 3/8oz and 1/2oz…. How do you decide which one you use?

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