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Catch And Cook Largemouth Bass!

Catch and Cook Largemouth bass was never really on my list but we had one die on us so I tried it! I’ve heard a lot of mix opinions on this fish but I finally tried it for myself and I loved it! Hope you all enjoyed this video. DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. American coocking is so bad. I am from asian country and we don't waste a single piece of meal in fish body, we dont even left/throw bones. We chew them.
    Thwy dont know the value of life and food.

  2. Most annoying video ever! It’s fish—EAT IT ALREADY!! You act like you’re tasting iguana eyes or something! You’re a fisherman—IT’S BASS!!! What’d you think it was going to taste like?! Snake pussy?!?!?! COME ON!! Jeeeeze. 🙄

  3. The fish would have survived if you just threw him back in the water so he could regain concensus and breathe, and that's a small mouth bass not a large mouth.

  4. If you catch large mouth bass in clear water creeks. They taste really really great.

    Chances are they have had a fantastic diet of trout, salmon, even walleye where I live. They do not taste murky at all I’ve had some that were just as good as walleye, as hard as that is to believe.

  5. People tweak about bass cause everyone told them it was mushy n greasy. I can tell you if you catching them out of cold water an you bleed them out I’ve had guests tell me it’s better then the walleye. I just started eating them last year because I gill hooked one and I’ll never go back. throw the walleye trout an game fish back n keep these deep fry n enjoy stop listening to people who have never tried it. You get some huge fillets and only takes a couple to feed a family

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