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Bucketmouth Bins Bass Fishing Subscription Tackle Box – June 2023

New to the market is the Bucketmouth Bins bass fishing subscription tackle box. Bucketmouth Bins offers a monthly fishing tackle subscription box to anglers interested in their selection of largemouth bass fishing baits. They are designed for the middle of the country and anglers who want specific bass fishing baits for that month. What’s inside the June Bucketmouth Bins Bass fishing subscription tackle box? Lets find out.
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Rods: Temple Fork Rods
Reels: Shimano

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  1. I had just got on the FTC train in the last year they were making them. I got 5 boxes from them before they canceled my subscription. It was a good box but I got a few things twice. I even got some offshore things in my last box so that threw me off a little. So I assume they quit sending them because it was so hard to fill them every other month and make a good profit. I did Monsterbass for almost 2 years. I started in Oct. 2020 and canceled probably May or June of 2022. They just got progressively worse each month it seemed. I agree with another commenter about how they’re probably good for beginners or the average angler that just wants to try new things but it just runs it’s course. However I am still doing 6th sense subscription. Yes you get a lot of the same lures from them but it’s usually different colors. But IMO, their products are quality. So I’m gonna keep getting that one as long as they keep sending it. I’ve been doing 6th sense since Mid 2021. So probably 2 years now.

  2. There's certainly some good stuff in there, although I probably wouldn't use half of it. Now, as someone who wears buffs all the time on the water, I actually appreciate a GOOD buff and wouldn't mind it at all in a subscription box. However, the criteria for what makes up a good buff is critical. Too many buffs are too small, too tight, too short and unravel at the edges and won't stay tucked down in your shirt. They're often cheaply made with course, scratchy material and aren't designed for anglers with big necks and heads. Buffs should be loosely fitting, with a taper so they don't roll up and come out of your collar. I've narrowed the field down to just a few buff brands I buy, even though most of those have to be altered some to really make them comfortable and functional. So, back to the original point…if they include a good buff that's truly useable instead of just a piece of fabric with a logo on it, I'm all for it!

  3. FTC going out of business sucks. Hands down was the best box on the market and nothing else was close. The Buff "valued" at 13 bucks? Did I hear that right. That is a big fat no for me. You can get buffs for under 5 bucks to free all day long. The baits were very good. I think maybe I am just over the monthly box thing but I did not see the sizzle here that would make me want to jump back into the box game. Dunno….maybe I am just jaded at this point. Thx for sharing tho' Steve. Enjoyed the video.

  4. Hey Steve……that’s not a bad box but I’m done with sub boxes. If your just starting out they would be ideal, however I have too much stuff already so I’d rather spend my money on restocking my tackle. Thanks as always for the video!! Happy 4th!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. I agree with your sentiments on the buff. I also like the idea of three or for good name brand baits especially ark and two or three lesser known plastics. I'd say worth the money.

  6. Nice video! Personally, I think it is a nice box worth the money. My favorite was the Popper! But all the baits were very fishable and I would have no issue with throwing any of them. I also would have rather had another bait vs the face cover. Thanks for taking the time to share my friend. Happy 4th to you and your family. I would like to see what their next box had in it. As always, #GetUrFishOn rocks!!!

  7. I have to be honest this was a let down for me. But so is every other subscription box. I will take my 40 each month to bass pro or wherever and pick whatever

  8. Looks good but to be honest I'm wore out but these subscription services and FTC was the king but now they are gone so I'm out of the subscription box game. Thanks for sharing

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