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Bryan Thrift’s Spring SECRETS for BIG Bass Fishing

The Spring is a great time to get a big bass to commit to eating a big bait. Bryan Thrift shares secret tips on where to fish in the prespawn, before bass lock onto beds, and how to catch them with a big chatterbait, glide bait or swimbait. In the Spring bass will feed up, and ambush baitfish in shallow water. You want to bring your bait by fish in a way that looks natural so they want bite your lure.
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See all Bryan Thrift’s favorite big bass fishing baits & lures:

Bryan Thrift’s Big Blade Chatterbait

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  1. Mr smoke himself preaching the bass fishing word!! Take what this man says to heart cause he practices what he preaches and shows out too. Thrift is a hammer. I'm honored to say I live just down the rd from him. Hopefully the wind blows some of his good juju my way

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