Bobby Murray Talking Bass Fishing in the 1960s

This video is a compilation of videos from bass fishing legend Bobby Murray from the early days of competitive bass fishing. The videos were shot on 8mm film and digitized by Mike Quinn from Carlisle Tires. The video shows what it was like fishing tournaments in the late 1960s.

Angling legends such as the Murray brothers, Roland Martin, Gerald Blanchard, Blake Honeycutt, Rip Nunnery are seen in the old footage. Lake Eufaula, Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn are some of the venues shown as well as the old blast-off starts and boats of the time.

We would like to thank Bobby Murray and Mike Quinn for allowing us to use this footage on our channel and we hope you all enjoy watching this look back in time.

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  1. Thank-you for posting this video. I met Rip Nunnery in 1973 . His record 15 fish limit was mounted and on display in Fishermans Paradise in Bellflower CA. It was quite a sight. I think he was A tool and die man at the G.M. plant in Southgate CA. I recall when he came in promoting his "Fat Albert" bass bait. The carnage from those early tournaments was remarkable to see.

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