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This Finesse Swimbait is the BEST Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lure!!

This Finesse Swimbait is the Best smallmouth bass fishing lure! Finesse swimbait fishing is a very effective way to catch smallmouth bass and the Keitech Swing Fat Impact finesse swimbait is my favorite bait to use! This simple finesse swimbait rig just consists of a jighead and a finesse swimbait and it is super easy to fish! I recently did a video on how to fish a finesse swimbait if you want to learn more on it but you just cast it out and reel it in slowly! Smallmouth bass fishing is know for finesse fishing typically with ned rigs and dropshots but I like to fish a little faster and I use this finesse swimbait to cover water and fish faster but it doesn’t limit my number of bites. Swimbaits can be some of the best smallmouth lures due to their effectiveness of getting bites and catching bigger fish!

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  1. I have enjoyed your videos from one of my favorite fishing spots. I caught some nice smallies there the day after Thanksgiving. What color swimbaits do you recommend?

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