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Big Pike Fishing Opportunities – Giants of Georgian Bay S2E4

Make Your Opportunities Count Before They Swim Away

In this video we catch you up on our Giants of Georgian Bay adventures into June. Despite more technical difficulties we share some important information on how to target spring pike, remove hooks from yourself, and the importance of mental toughness to capitalize on your opportunities.

To learn the string yank method for removing hooks see the link below and go to the 21 minute mark:

The Giants of Georgian Bay series is a quest to find and catch all the big fish that swim in it. Northern Pike, Walleye (Pickerel), Muskie (Musky), Smallmouth Bass, & Largemouth Bass

New Wave Fishing Academy is here to teach you all we know and everything we continue to learn about fishing. We use fish biology and optimization based strategy to make the most of our limited time on the water and you can too. Learn how to catch big fish fast with our downloadable courses.

Pike Fishing, Walleye Fishing, Muskie Fishing, Bass Fishing Videos Georgian Bay, Ontario

Learn how to catch fish, become a more successful angler, and target big fish with our Zero To Hero Fishing Masterclass:

If you want to learn how to fish a specific bait or technique we have short 15 minute courses that have all you need to know:

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