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BIG Creek Bass in POURING RAIN!!

Do Fish like to eat when the rain is pouring down? Took a minute to figure out how to get some then caught several fish and a big creek smallie in the murky water.
Jared channel @FlippinTheScriptFishing
Giant PB Bass video


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  1. John, I would have done just what you did, switched over to a below surface spinnerbait, possibly a 1/8th ounce size to finesse the bass and to appeal to larger pan fish. The only other action I might have tried might have been a zara spook or broken back rapala, one that might have resembled shad color. I have used a broken back Rapala in some of the worst and best conditions during the summer and the action just drives them nuts. Cast it out, reel up the slack, then work it to you in a jerking motion. Give that a try next time, especially in the back flow eddies…G

  2. I used to watch a bunch of different YouTube fishing channels but ever since I started watching your channel I just have special feeling every time I watch one of your videos
    Thanks for making these awesome videos

  3. liked your bass video, seven plus pounder? awesome!!! gets the fishing blood pumping doesn't it? I've been hooked for 35 years and still got the bug.

  4. spinner bait or crank bait would be where I went with it. can't leave out a small or regular chatter bait either though. something loud and obnoxious. and how are you liking the ARK rod.

  5. In that water, a 4" black/blue flake or green pumpkin/red flake dinger would serve you well. A 1/4oz white chatterbait, with a 3" piece of white trick worm as the trailer, will also be good.

  6. Tough conditions yet once again you seem to pull out another good small mouth. Your like the small mouth whisperer. Its like your being blessed with that one fish that will keep you coming back for more.. Another great Journey God Bless and GO KATS!!!!!!!!

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