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Big Bass in the Thick Reeds with Jigs.

I explain the ABC’s of pitching and flipping heavy cover with big rods, heavy braid and a heavy cover jig! I show how to die the trailer and the line. There’s a lot of live action with good size bass in a northern Minnesota lake near Park Rapids.


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  1. What does the strike feel like to you? I have the hardest time with worm and gig. The only ones I catch are the ones who nail it and catch themselves it seems.

  2. Roland , I have been watching you for years . Always enjoy watching you fish and i always learn something new with each video . You need to come to North Carolina and fish some of our lakes , we have some big bass also . Keep on fishing , catching big bass and teaching us amateurs how to catch big fish . Hope to see you in the next video .

  3. Thanks for all these videos and the โ€œwhatโ€™s up Rolland. Iโ€™m new and love all this content. Your style of teaching is great, I bet you were a great teacher in school, because youโ€™re great here

  4. Hi Roland! What was really helpful was showing us exactly where you threw the bait and why. How do you locate the spots most likely to produce good bass. How do you scope out a new lake? Or even one you may think you know.

  5. Hi Roland, have ever fished western Ukraine ? As I am going next mouth on a fishing trip with my wife and if you have any tips would be great. Thank you

  6. OK THAT is out of line Mr No idea what clean looks like from dumpy Florida Martin !! Minnesota is ranked #1 for the cleanest Lakes by mass in the World !! We pride our selves for that. We also do yearly clean ups do to floods to clean up our "area" lets not say in Minnesota you can us a pop can for cover if you was a fish……How about pick up trash when one is spotted is a good Minnesota saying ? HAHAHA keep Florida a dump leave trash for your fish Not ours! Love you though !!

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