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Big Bass Can’t Resist The Rat Lure!

A foggy morning in the kayak fishing a topwater rat lure for big bass!

Gear used on this trip:

Lure: Spro BBZ-1 rat 40 https://amzn.to/3aw1wFD

Rod: St Croix Bass X 6’6″ MH F https://amzn.to/2NfD6r6

Reel: Quantum VP100HPT https://amzn.to/37liZP2

Line: Power Pro Super Slick V2 30lb https://amzn.to/3auJ7cf

Leader: 14lb Trilene Sensation https://amzn.to/3aw20eV

Pliers: Umpqua Rivergrip https://amzn.to/3draKEW

Net: Frabill 3673 https://amzn.to/3jZij72


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  1. Id go out and not catch anything knowing me, but it looks like you just cast and reel it in. No finesse involved. Love the whiiiize of the casting reel!

  2. Water almost as calm as Matt’s fishing
    I love your top water, wacky, and hellgrammite largemouth vids the best
    You give me something to aspire to
    Keep slayin the smallies
    You’re the man

  3. I'm not familiar with the bass over there but it has no teeth? So it just swallows everything straight down? Even rats, frogs and snakes according to the videos I've been watching on this channel. Impressive.

  4. that mist…
    sooooo beautiful mang..
    i love wakin up while camping jus before dawn…
    get that campfire going cause there are still embers, put the coffee on then..
    walk to the edge of the lake with the rod an enjoy the view an do some casting…

  5. Bro great videos! But one thing i will say is that I don’t really like trilene sensation, I bought 10lb test and put it on my Abu Garcías Revo spinning reel and the line did good at first, but then it got twisted and tangled 😓 I had to cut it, it was a mess! Has this happened to you? Or Is there any tips with using this fishing line? Or do you recommend just buying a different fishing line?

  6. Not gonna lie most fishing channels don't consistently post fishing content anymore! You still do and I am grateful for that! Can't wait until the Yak season opens in Washington

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