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Ben Milliken Discovering the O.H Ivie Big Bass Factory

Ben Milliken from @MillikenFishing talks about discovering one of the greatest big bass fisheries in history O.H Ivie.
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This is just a short clip. If you enjoyed this you should watch the entire episode. Available on all podcast platforms & of course YouTube-


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  1. We’ve been fishing that lake since the 90’s when it was “fuller” hope the YouTubers get tired of it and never go to Nasworty or wheeler… and ruin those as well. There have ALWAYS been big fish in these lakes, but no one was interested in pumping money into the local economy’s until now? It’s almost like exploitation… sorry just an opinion. It’s like Monticello and echo all over. But the good thing is in 20 years because if share a Lunker every pond in Texas will produce 10 lb+ fish and ease localized pressure.

  2. As a lake Ivie resident and someone who’s been fishing it my whole life…I’m both upset that its been discovered and happy for the rest of the world…I’m torn man

  3. Catching those big fish looks impressive until you start thinking about the fortune he spent on electronics. There's nowhere for the fish to hide. You keep throwing a bait on their head eventually you'll hook one

  4. DM, Choke has a long standing name for great largemouth catches over the years. Early 2000's were great years to fish it.

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