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Bass Fishing With Underspins: Big Bass on Small Baits

Matt takes you out for a day on Clearlake throwing an underspin. With water levels receeding the fishing is more difficult than normal so Matt abandons his typical power techniques in favor of a small under spin. The results speak for themselves!

Matt Allen Swimbait Head:
Add on Blades:
BladeRunner Spintrix:
Owner Flashy Swimmer:
CoolBaits Underspin:
3.3 and 4.8 Keitech Swimbaits:

Finesse Underspin Setup…
Rod- Shimano Zodias 7′ Medium Spinning:
Reel- Stradic CI4+ 2500:
Line- 10 lb Power Pro Braid:
Leader- 8 lb Maxima:

Full Size Underspin Setup…
Rod- Dobyns 784:
Reel- Curado 200I:
Line- 65 lb Braided Line:
Leader- 20 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Bass fishing with an underspin is a great way to catch bass when conditions get tough. If you were on a spinnerbait or crankbait bite and the conditions get tougher consider switching to an underspin.

The key is the combination of swimbait and flashing blade. The blade causes the lure to stand out from the shad or other baitfish so the bass are more likely to eat it. If you haven’t fallen in love with the underspin, now is your time!

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  1. I've always wondered what happens to a fish after he runs off with your bait stuck in his throat? Can you imagine how hard it would be for it to eat with a big crankbait or underspin in its throat? Probably a death sentence, good reason to retie and examine your line more often…

  2. Horsey head underspin is the Blakemore Roadrunner. And it still gets bit. With the right small swimbait on it, not only can you fish it as a swimbait, but you can fish it just like a Ned rig. With the little 2" Slabalicious swimbaits, they'll sit head down, tail up all day long.

  3. Owner flashy swimmer underspin hooks are great. Got a gold Colorado blade for my Sungill keitechs
    And silver willow blade for bluegill flash and shad keitech.

  4. Hey Matt. Love your videos and advice. Never used "underspin" baits as you describe but going to try it now.
    How about hitting south Florida sometime real soon, Ft. Lauderdale area, and showing how you catch bass in the different canals and lakes. Especially in the alligator alley area. I do not have a boat right now (sold it a couple years ago, no one to fish with) Just got back into fresh water bass fishing recently and am having a real tough time using different baits especially early morning. I was catching 1-2 pounders from the docks and boat ramp areas for a couple weeks. Now the weather is getting hotter and no matter what I try the action has slowed down considerably . Have tried under bridges and cover areas, under and near lily pads, grass, weeds, etc… Not much happening. Any advice? (other than, get a boat and go to better spots) Thanks in advance. I'll keep watching as usual.

  5. Great informational video! Im gonna give it a try this spirng! Would you guys recommend a white keitech? since during the spring the water usually in lakes tends to be more on the stained side??

  6. Man, I missed this VLOG. I was watching the last video that you guys just posted and Tim just noted about the Underspin. WOW Outstanding,, Again You guys are awesome. I went to your website for a Guided trip and have not got a response yet. Just checking I guess you are booked up,,,, AND AGAIN I WANT TO THANK YOU GUYS FOR TAKING THE TIME FROM WORK AND YOUR FAMILY AND DOING THIS VLOGS. I LEARN SO MUCH FROM YOU GUYS IT INCREDIBLE.

  7. Thank you Matt for the underspin tips! It help me win my first Big North Texas kayak tournament last week. I’m a back yard , home grown angler and really appreciate the knowledge you share with us.
    Rudy Zermeño

  8. Underspins work, even the old style blakemore roadrunners. Think though, for shallow water a 1/8th to 1/4 is going to work better for you than a 3/8ths or 1/2 ounce.

  9. Great video brother! I've started using old school baits, like the under spin, again due to the crazy number of 'new' baits in the last 10 yrs. I don't see many people using the older tried-n-true baits of yesterday but they absolutely catch fish and are 'different' like you and Tim talk about. Thanks for all the great videos!

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